MYTAGO – do magic with your phone

Yes, it’s Yet Another Meatspace Tag. This one requires a free membership to get the tags. Seems like a bit of a privacy hassle.


MYTAGO is a little different from QRCode or Shotcode. There’s no phone app. Instead, take a picture of the tag and use one of these methods to get the tag data -a bookmark and description:

  • Take a picture of the tag image. Next time you sync your phone to your PC, upload the jpeg image to the MYTAGO site to get the tag data.
  • Enter the URL of an online tag image and get the tag data.
  • Type the 12 digit code from a tag image into the MYTAGO site to get the tag data.
  • Install an Uploader Tool on your PC.
  • Email the tag image or the 12-digit tag code to with your PIN as the email subject line. The tag data will be available next time you log into MYTAGO.

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