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As a psychiatric patient^w^w shaman wannabe^w^w armchair anthropologist, I am very interested in the varieties of religious experience, to steal a title from psychologist William James. More precisely, I’m interested in different paths to epiphany just as much as I am interested in the content of the epiphanies. The content, you see, is determined by your cultural expectations. (Boring.) The fact that we are wired for bliss amazes me.

But I’m totally off-topic here, aren’t I?

I wanted to put in a plug for Rivers Source Botanicals. They have an excellent selection of heritage plants and seeds to help you create that special healing garden.

Hypericum Formosum - St. Johns WortThe flower pictured here is St. John’s Wort, a plant that is still used medicinally in Europe to treat depression. We can get it in health food stores, but your doctor isn’t likely to prescribe it. RSB often has SJW seeds in stock, along with echinacea, several types of cactus, and many beautiful flowers that you aren’t likely to find in the Home Despot. The prices are astonishingly low, too.

I order some heritage seeds from RSB just about every year. I highly recommend them for all your ethnobotanical needs.

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