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I’ve been playing with the .mobi stuff and discovered that 2D codes have a use other than to count packs of cigarettes. I can put my web site URL into a QR-Code or a ShotCode, print it on stickers, and stick the stickers to things. Then folks can point their cellphone cameras at the code block and the URL will show up in their phone as a clickable hypertext link.

I was thinking I could sell my bumperstickers that way, put the QR-Code on them.

There is a nice java app for cell phones at QuickMark Mobile Barcode – Web Site QuickMark. This app also reads SemaCode. Some fun! QR-Code even has error correction built in so that if the code block is torn or partly obliterated the app can still get the information out of it.


Create your own code with the QR-Code Generator.

Another 2D code is ShotCode. This one is targeted for advertisers. You have the option of logging all kinds of information about the cell phone and user.

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