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Andrew Beacock’s Blog: Oddiophile’s Technorati Tags Bookmarklet is available here

I originally used the simpletags plugin for WordPress, but it has a couple of little quirks. I began manually typing in the links with images – they have the added benefit of telling Technorati about page views even when my visitors don’t click. What a pain.

I went looking for a bookmarklet and found the one I linked to above. It works great and has saved me a lot of time, but doesn’t do the images. So here’s my modification.

Leslie’s Technorati TagGen

In IE, right click on the link below, select “Add to Favorites” and file it under Links. You’ll get a warning that it’s unsafe – that’s because it’s javascript, not because it’s doing anything horrible.

When you click the bookmarklet link in your link bar you’ll get a popup window prompting you to enter your tags. Enter the tags separated by spaces. If the tag is a phrase, you should use + signs instead of the spaces inside the phrase. Then hit the OK button. The window will now contain the tag code. Copy it, hit ok to close the popup, then paste it into your blog.

And there you are. I hope you find it useful.

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