Democratic Iowa Debate

Huffington Post: John Neffinger, Glynnis MacNicol, and Drew Westen| Dem Iowa Debate LiveBlog!

Debate? Not much of a debate, just a bunch of Dems comparing their talking points. Really, business as usual. The Democratic Party slinked off with their collective tails between their legs because they couldn’t come up with a response to the “soft on terrorism” card, and they’ve never really come back from that. I am almost ashamed to be a Democrat, but there is no better choice.
Biden was able to joke about saying stupid things, a reference to his “articulate and bright and clean” comment about Obama. Obama is good, he’d still be “articulate and bright and clean” by comparison if he were white. Compare him to our current Prex!
A Clinton-Obama ticket is not going to lure over any middle-of-the-road Republicans. Unfortunately, to win 2008 that’s what the Dems have to do. I hope they don’t forget.
I think Biden’s wife is going to get fired from her teaching job after his comment on school administrators.
Teachers are probably the only professionals who don’t get pay incentives for competence and effectiveness. Apparently the folks in the debate have no insight into punishment and reward. Throw all the money in the world at our schools, but if there is no incentive for teachers to further their own educations and to improve their job performance, they aren’t going to bother to improve, not for any amount of collective bargaining. I don’t think the teachers should get more money and benefits than engineers, no matter what the folks in the debate seem to think.
Throw money into a school system and you’ll see that it doesn’t go into computers and books. I’m not sure where it goes. New lights for the football field maybe?
No Child Left Behind? Hasn’t the major result of that been an increase in the dropout rate? “Get out, kid, you’re screwing up the numbers.”
The question about honesty was good. The Dems have to issue a blanket statement that they all voted to go into Iraq because the folks in the White House are evil. That way individual Democratic politicians won’t have to waste time explaining their vote when they should have been saying, “If I’m dishonest and I get caught, I’ll be in deep doo-doo. So I have to be honest.” Face it, the occasional transgression is forgivable. Lying about it is perjury.
As for honesty, with his Grecian Formula hair how can Kucinich pretend to be honest?
Did anyone else notice the fly in Dodd’s hair during his last answer?
Edward’s hair was perfect as always.
Hillary has porked out a bit. She could use some time away from the desk. A darker suit would hide it better until she’s president and has her own private gym.
Ok, ok, that was catty. I think Clinton would have done better to say, “What he said” when she spoke after Obama instead of taking time to paraphrase him. That way maybe she could have told us something we don’t already know. I think Clinton has some great ideas. If only she’d tell us how she can make them work. Maybe she doesn’t want the Republicans to steal her recipes?
The one thing these folks have to remember is that anything they say about one another now will be played as soundbites by the Republicans when Judgement Day, errrr, the Presidential Elections are at hand.
I feel as if the future of the world depends on the Dems playing this right.

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