VMWare and Win98

Mr. X was asking about his favorite DOS-based Doubles Pinochle program again. I was unable to get it running under either Win2000 Pro or WinXP Pro SP2 – it looked as if it were grabbing the fonts with the wrong character size. I had given up on it, but Mr. X is really into pinochle.

So here it is, 3AM, and DPIN is running under Windows 98 in a VMWare virtual machine. If I didn’t have bouts of insomnia I’d never get anything important done!

Incidentally, Kubrick looks hideous in a 640x480x16 window. But it was usable enough to enable me to write the first draft of this post. Good deal.
Kubrick 16

2 Responses to VMWare and Win98

  1. I’ve been searching for a copy of that doubles pinochle game. My dad used to play it all the time, but somehow we lost the 3.5″ floppy that is was on. If you could e-mail a copy of that game to me and let me know how to get it running on XP (or if I need to do anything special to get it going), I would be very excited to get it going for my dad. Please reply to ——-

  2. DPIN is now working in DOSBox. Thanks for the recommendation, Aaron.

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