Perkins Porkchops

Like many folks on psych meds, I’m obese. I make no excuses. I hate being fat and I’m doing what I can.

The other weekend I decided to break my diet and have breakfast at a Perkins Pancake House on a Sunday morning with two family members who are also on psych meds for bipolar disorder.

As the three of us were being led back to the table one of the wait staff looked me over then turned and called out to another staff member, “We got three pork chops!

There is simply no call for Perkins employees to verbally abuse their customers, not even the lard-asses. It was the low spot of the day, and it has totally dimmed my enthusiasm for Perkins restaurants. I most certainly won’t set foot in the Moorestown, NJ restaurant again. Too bad for them, because when I’m there I eat a lot.

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