This is priceless. A Hamas-sponsored children’s show on the Palestinian Authority’s new Al-Aqsa Mosque TV channel has a Mickey Mouse look-alike teaching the kids to be good Mousekahideen errrr Mujahideen.

I am picturing an army of Disney lawyers invading Palestine. This could get ugly.

In the interest of fairness, let me point out that the US has used cartoons to indoctrinate children for a long time. However, we only teach them rampant consumerism. They figure out Universal Hegemony on their own.

Palastinian Media Watch: Hamas steals Mickey Mouse image
to teach hate and Islamic supremacy

Israelinsider: Move over Mickey: Farfur the Mouse is aiming for world Islamic domination

Intelligence & Terrorism Information Center: Hamas launches “Al-Aqsa,” an experimental TV channel intended to improve its propaganda and indoctrination capabilities

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