Zappa Meets Henson – Everyone Fraggled

Ahmet Zappa – Mighty McFearless

Zappa says Fraggle film will rock.

The children of Frank “200 Motels” Zappa and Jim “The Muppets” Henson are collaborating. It is likely to frag the underpinnings of civilization, if not the very fabric of the universe.

Were you as confused as I was as a child by the TV show Fraggle Rock? It wasn’t much better than the truly horrific Banana Bunch but was marginally less traumatizing.

Ahmet Zappa is getting together with Lisa and Brian Henson to resurrect Fraggle Rock. Why, I don’t know. Preliminary information is that they will be attempting to recreate the entire 98-episode Fraggledom in one Epic Film.

“It’s a complete ecosystem,” Zappa said of Henson’s idea to show children how living creatures need each other.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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