The Post-modern Closet

I have been meditating – oops, first wrote “medicating” – on the word post-modern recently.

Ken Wilber says (and I paraphrase), that in the context of Transpersonal Psychology, post-modern means that your personal evolution has carried the human race past the sterile pragmatism and/or atheism of the Computer Age into the next stage. My understanding is that in the next stage, the romantic and the pragmatic will be integrated into a way of looking at the world that retains the best elements of both.

Not “your world” but “the world.”

Unlike the theistic, mystical/magical thinking of the Age that preceeded both of these, the Post-modern Age will be made up of inclusive, open minds. The theistic stage seems to prevent further personal evolution in those who embrace it, so don’t expect the anima mundi as a whole to be transformed any time soon.

On the TV show “Criminal Minds,” one of the characters stated that a post-modernist is likely to use Technology as Art. I took this to mean not that a postmodern human can’t figure out how to use a toaster or telephone, but rather that the infrastructure for using such devices is either in ruins or financially inaccessible to the average postmodernist.

My friend edi tells me that

Postmodernism = No Future

Any thoughts? I have none of my own.

Thanks to edi for triggering this neural cascade.

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