The Christ in Christmas

less people less idiots ©: The Christ in Christmas

While transcribing audio notes this morning I googled song lyrics from some songs I heard on WPRB, the Princeton University radio station, shortly before the holidays. Odd lyrics, too, at least as I noted them.

Tied you in your kitchen chair and broke your legs and from your lips allelujah

Those aren’t really the lyrics to Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, of course.
The DJ on WPRB played Jeff Buckley’s cover version of the song. It’s too bad I didn’t transcribe the audio notes to my future self before the holidays. I would definitely given my husband Jeff Buckley’s “Grace” CD.

The best link for the song turned out to be a sermon by the Rev. Billy Bob Gisher on less people less idiots ©. I completely agree with his tongue-in-cheek sermon.

Gisher: Good Christians you have work to do, you should be reaching out to witness or at least help these people, show them some love…but what are you doing? HAVING PISSY FIGHTS OVER NATIVITY SCENES!
There are people who need your help, YOU HAVE GOT MUCH BETTER THINGS TO DO!
(Crowd says AMEN! AMEN!)

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