Windows Vista – Got Crack?

Hacker publicly cracks Windows Vista –

For those of you who aren’t aware that the long-awaited Microsoft “Longhorn” OS has been released for Beta testing under the new name “Vista”… well, they have. Add more memory, clear 40G in your harddrive to run a virtual machine, and buy a new video card if you want to check it out.

The shoemaker’s children go unshod, of course: I downloaded Vista and Office 2007 weeks ago, bought a new harddrive in order to create a dual-boot system, then moved on to other things.

“The fact that this mechanism was bypassed doesn’t mean Vista is insecure. It just means it’s just not as secure as advertised.”
— Joanna Rutkowska

Rutkowska is a security researcher with coseinc. She demonstrated a way to load unsigned drivers into Windows Vista at the Black Hat security conference.

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