Political Rant

I am not swayed by vague, impassioned arguments. If I was, I’d be a Republican. The reason the Republicans are stomping us is this:
They put huge amounts of money into the infrastructure of the party. Think Tanks, framing the arguments. The Democrats don’t invest, they throw money away. The tone of the latest JohnKerry.com email was just plain dumb. It is far below Kerry’s intellectual capabilities and I’m getting rather tired of his ineffectual stumping.
PLEASE, get a backbone. Be proactive: as long as you are reactive you don’t have a good enough foothold to argue your point. We have to be proactive participants in the Democratic process, not reactive little paramecia.
Listening to Kerry trying to be politically correct during the debates was painful. Stop trying so hard not to offend anyone. Progressives’ morality on the abortion issue is about the QUALITY of life vs. the inhumane exercise of bringing unwanted children into the world. “Pro-life” indeed! My morality is far more valid than theirs, yet Kerry fumbled for words during the debate, sounded as if he is ashamed of his beliefs. As if any woman *wants* to abort her children. Nobody *wants* an abortion.
Life is an evolutionary continuum, not a series of separate creations. An early first-trimester fetus looks like a prawn and though the potential for human life is there, it is not sentient life. Not yet.
I saw Kerry on one of the Sunday morning political shows recently. The guy is still campaigning, still stumping. He is capable of so much more. How about some well-thought-out, *deep* insights from him for once.
And don’t let them call you “elite” just because you are educated. Bush has the same education as Kerry, but apparently he has chosen not to use it.
Republicans can give quick, definitive answers because they have already reduced the issues to black-and-white, with immutable, inhumane answers. They don’t have to stop and think. We think things through so it looks as if we are weak and indecisive.
And stop giving away money to people who don’t deserve it. Invest your money in the future instead. Put money into job training and childcare. Don’t put money into encouraging impoverished women to have more illegitimate babies. Many of these women are teens who don’t have access to the information that would have prevented the pregnancy. Teach birth control in the schools. Make the boy’s parents pay for the baby’s support – don’t encourage teens to have babies by offering them cash incentives to do so. If they get older they keep having them, offer them cash incentives to get free sterilizations instead.
Let’s make it really clear that white women have illegitimate kids,too, it’s not just a minority problem.
Tell everyone with an SUV that they aren’t safe from terrorists in their big metal womb. Each week your SUV uses enough gas to run my Prius for a two weeks or more. Get over 9-11, even if it requires psychiatric intervention. Especially if it requires psychiatric intervention. Don’t trade your freedom for a false sense of security. And PLEASE, the attacks on 9-11 were by Saudis, not by Iraqis and not by the Taliban. Our unprovoked attack on Iraq was and still is an obscenity. The war in Iraq is about the oil interests of all the people in the White House. Karl Rove acts like an evil wraith, Cheney acts like a sociopath, and Bush acts as if he is cognitively impaired from years of alcohol abuse.
And I act as if there is still a place in America for Democrats and other Progressives.

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