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The other night we were watching TV and my husband decided that he didn’t want to watch Crossing Jordan because it looked “too heavy.” I was about to get up and limp to the computer room, but he had flipped to a medical show called “Gray’s Anatomy.” They were wheeling in injured patients on stretchers and busily milling about.
Ok, I thought, could be interesting. I watched this show once before and I don’t recall actively hating it.
Umpteen minutes later the show was over without ever having actually begun. There was no diagnostic drama, no medical facts. Just a bunch of people wandering around in a daze, occasionally bumping into one another and reacting to their own reactions. Incomprehensible medical decisions were made, preceded by much fanfare and pointless drama but little logic.
My husband said it’s a chick show.
I have to ask this, then, because I have always thought like an engineer… The show was clearly intended for someone who doesn’t like to focus. Do a lot of chicks really wander around in an unfocused daze? It certainly explains a thing or two.

Update 5/12:
I have been informed that it’s not so much a chick show as it is a Generation X show.
It seems that the young adults today are less interested in co-creating their realities and more concerned with using their anatomy to the best advantage. What, the ’50s are back?
I have also just learned that Jill Hennessey of Crossing Jordan is bipolar. She’s a fine fox, too. I’m going to have to watch it more often.

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  1. I have never watched Grey’s Anatomy, but I have assessed from the commercials that I would rather operate on myself than have to be taken to such a hospital. I hadn’t thought of it as a chick show. Now that you mention it though, I assume they are trying to attract the same kind of people who would watch Desperate Housewives.

    As for whether or not most chicks wander around in an unfocused daze, I think that women are becoming increasingly complacent. Our foremothers fought for our rights to be educated and have the freedom to choose what we want to do with our lives and for the most part all we have done with it is used those rights to buy bigger boobs and clothes that barely cover our asses. Why let men debase us when we can do it so well ourselves?

    Young girls don’t want to be Elizabeth Cady Stantons or Jane Goodalls. They want to be Britney Spears and that sleazy Hilton girl. We live in a materialistic society. What you have is much more valuable than what you know. Respecting knowledge makes you a geek, an outcast. No little girl wants to be an outcast. That’s where the dazed cluelessness begins.

    I think the issue is really just a symptom of a greater problem. As Americans in general we have become complacent. We are Sisyphus. We rolled our boulder to the top of the hill, but couldn’t make it over. We’re watching the boulder roll back downhill, picking up more momentum making the odds of ever getting it under control nil.

    Just my couple o’ cents,

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