The Big Time

Well, I finally made it to the big time.

Well, no, what I really mean is that the spambots found “Into The Void” this week and they are hammering my WordPress blog with comment spam. I’ve received 500-some requests in the last 48 hours.

Would anyone in their right mind patronize a company that has its people dump irrelevant ads into sites? The most common were drugs and online casinos, followed by mortgages, and then a specific bank’s credit cards. Oh, yes, let me just give all my financial information to someone who uses a fake email address.

Anyway, I installed Bad Behavior.

Let’s see how it goes.

Update 9/22/2007: Bad Behavior, when it isn’t used in the sense of “Leslie’s hobbies,” is a WordPress plugin that blocks spammers from the site.

Bad Behavior works great. See the bottom of the page for stats. FYI, Homeland Stupidity has moved to a new website.
They also have an immensely satisfying project called Project Honeypot. This project identifies bad spiders and reports them for later action including lawsuits against repeat offenders and the occasional witch-burning. See if you can find it on Into the Void and get yourself added to the spam list… NOT!!!!

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Bad Behavior has blocked 521 access attempts in the last 7 days.