Tom Cruise and Oprah

The bipolars were up in arms about Tom Cruise’s comments on psychiatry, UFOs and medications while on Oprah’s show. Since I work full time, I don’t get to watch Oprah and I missed the famous “TC goes apeshit on Oprah” episode.
In case you missed it too, here’s the film clip.

Is he still dating that little girl? There’s a clip on Oprah’s site called “Tom Cruise Engaged.” In it, Oprah asks Katie, “What does this feel like, when you grew up wanting marry Tom Cruise?”


3 Responses to Tom Cruise and Oprah

  1. He’s a film actor, he can do whatever he wants. And when she’s dead I’d like some fried Oprah ass if she doesn’t mind.

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  3. A buddy of mine did a blues song that I renamed “Fried Ofrah.” I’ll have to transfer the cassette to mp3.

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