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Thanks to mememachinego for this creepy video. When keepers at the Seattle Aquarium moved an octopus into a tank with sharks and other large fish, they hoped the octopus would be ok. They should have worried about the sharks.

As you can tell, I’ve been reading the feeds this morning and checking out some of the non-technical articles I might gloss over during the week. And just generally dicking around on the computer. And seriously boffing up the router settings. I’ve straightened that mess out. Bah, still haven’t convinced the wireless to play nice with my PDA/phone. Thank goodness for reset buttons. Got it working.

  • You Passed 8th Grade Science
    Congratulations, you got 8/8 correct!
  • MSNBC Space News has an article called 7 myths about the Challenger shuttle disaster.
    What interested me is that I never even heard any of these myths. There was a brief reference to Richard Feynman’s statements as a member of the Challenger investigation board, but apparently they never read the article in which he blamed the tragedy on quality control. Yes, QC. As the shuttle program progressed the scientists and technicians became more blase about correcting wear-and-tear, and tended to treat necessary repairs as maintenance tasks. “Well, the motor fan blades were cracked last trip and they didn’t break…”
    I didn’t see the launch live. I only saw the endless replays of the explosion. I was working on telemetry equipment at Aydin Monitor Systems for Edwards AFB at the time so I’d been following the preparations. What a shock. I also had a nice little shuttle simulator for the C-64, and after that I couldn’t stand playing it because of the jolt at MECO.
  • Thanks to OxDECAFBAD for turning me on to this soul-sucking gallery of Demonic Tots and Deeply Disturbing Cuisine. Takes me back to my childhood.
    Sadism in the kitchen? It reminded me a bit of a wonderful Bisquick cookbook that my mom had when I was a little bugger and which I kept as a reminder of what not to cook. I’ve pasted in some of the bizarre little food drawings.
    My mom also had one of those “brand-name” cookbooks featuring such culinary delights as “Crown Roast of Hot Dog.” This little book did nothing at all to improve my mom’s dull English cooking.
  • Hmmmm, Cingular is trying to trademark emoticons. Since has already trademarked the frownie :-( I believe we can expect some fireworks.
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about toilets in space, brought to you by the fine folks at NASA.
  • The Beeb has announced that Doctor Who will be coming to the SciFi channel in March.
  • I just knew it – cats cause mental illness.
  • Apparently eating at night is a psychiatric disorder.

    The researchers found that night eating syndrome involves a disturbed circadian rhythm of food intake while circadian sleep rhythm remains normal.
    “The circadian rhythm of food intake is extremely disturbed and the timing is delayed by 4 or 5 hours compared to that in normal people,” Stunkard tells WebMD.
    According to the researchers, night eating syndrome “is the first clinical disorder to manifest different circadian rhythms of two biological systems.”

  • The bible has been translated into SMS messages. Hope your plan includes free messaging.

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