Internet Connection Speed Test

Eat your heart out, DSL users. I just upgraded my Comcast Internet service, and data roars down into my computer. Before the upgrade it was at around 4000kbps.
Results of the Speed Test.
Results of the Speed Test.
See larger picture.

I’m not terribly pleased with the stability of Windows XP Professional. I guess I’ll have to add another Gig of RAM and think about upgrading the video card. There’s enough cache RAM in the processor, I think, at least for my evil purposes. My evil purposes being engineering apps like Altera Quartus II.

I’m not going to go into the politics of buying… uhhh, renting… internet from a monopoly. And yes, I do think it’s overpriced. I’d feel much better about it if I thought they’d bring fiber into my working-class neighborhood sometime soon. I would feel better about it if I knew they’d stop charging me to help them upgrade to fiber once they have it all in place.
The only drawback to the Comcast upgrade, besides the part about them being the only game in town, is that I had to subscribe to basic cable to get it. Now Mr. X can surf dozens of channels of garbage instead of only six or eight. And I’m not allowed to use the clicker, either. I guess it’s a guy thing.

Update 11/10:
We have Verizon DSL at work and the speed test clocks it at 1500kbps.

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