Self-Googling again

I suppose I’ll go in to work today for an hour or so. The ADHD got the better of me of Friday and I burnt out at about 5PM. But before I go in, I think I’ll surf the Internets.
Let’s see who is linking to me. The Bipolar Planet has been in existence since 1995 but has only been at this URL for a couple of years. I don’t advertise very well, I’m afraid. To see who links to me on Google, I type Try it for your site.

Google has news feeds!
Manic Digest looks kind of interesting – though I don’t see the linkback. Look at her cute little pout: I’m thinking high drama. Could be worth following.
Of course I’m listed on the Pendulum Resources Bipolar Pholks page. Pendulum was the first ever bipolar web page, formed as an information repository for the email list of the same name.
I’m glad to see that BPSO has found my new address. This is the absolute best place on the web for SOs of bipolars.
Ah, yes, Soberrecovery has found me too. They have an excellent collection of resources for addiction.
Oooh, slipped to the 8th page on Bipolar Central.
Here’s one I haven’t seen before, I’ll have to send them some of my tragically untalented artwork.

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