Blood from a Stone

If there’s no global oil shortage, why is it necessary to go to extremes like extracting oil from shale?
For years now they’ve been using water to flush out the dregs from near-depleted oil wells. It seems pretty obvious.
There was a gas crisis in the mid-70’s where they went to even-odd day gas rationing. I think I’d just gotten my drive’s license, so it might have been in 1974/5.
In 1979 there was another. A couple of times I got into gas lines early in the morning, only to be sent away when the gas station closed at 10 AM. It was bad. I wound up quitting my job, siphoning the last gallon of the gas out of my car into my motorcycle, and looking for a job closer to my house. At a huge reduction in pay. It didn’t matter that I could afford the price hike – gas just wasn’t available!
At this point I have a Classic Prius. It still uses gasoline, but it doesn’t gulp it.
I’m hearing reports that people are cancelling their Memorial Day shore trips because of gas prices. PEOPLE! It’s not worth skipping the holiday over it. It’s only a few dollars. Find a shorter way to work next week to make up for it. Park the SUV and use your kid’s Nissan. And DAMN, don’t switch to a lower octane, it will give you lower gas mileage.

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