The Continuing Saga

The continuing saga of the Linux Laptop.
The battery wasn’t warranted, so I didn’t expect it to work. It didn’t. I ordered a new battery on ebay, should be in early next week. S’okay, I have an AC adapter to use until then.
I borrowed a LinkSys WUSB11 USB network I/F from work to try under Windows 98. Alas, I didn’t have the right USB cable.
The next day I borrowed the correct cable. Alas, I lost my router in the power failure that morning. It was the only computer accessory in the room that wasn’t on a surge suppressor. Of course, my new surge suppressor is in there in the box waiting for me to set it up. Eh.
So anyway, I ordered a new wireless router, a USRobotics USR8054. This is what I had, and I liked it. Very easy-to-use interface – with online help. Good deal! I also ordered a combination floppy disk/flash reader that caught my eye. It has to work in one of the computers, right? And just to be thorough, a Belkin F5D6020 Wireless Notebook Network Card for when I return the WUSB11. There were a couple of articles on how to get PCMCIA network cards to work with similar laptops.

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