Spirituality doesn’t have to take the form of a belief in a god, or even in an intelligence. It especially doesn’t equate to organized religion. In fact, churches have to discourage religious epiphanies in the general membership, lest their god tells someone outside of the power structure something the church elders don;t want to hear.

I am an electrical engineer, and I really, really like what I do. I am also a Master in Usui Shiki Ryoho. I like that too, but for different reasons. Reiki isn’t a religion, it is a modality with spiritual overtones. This isn’t the Occult, it is a simple technological limitation, that frequencies outside our limits of detection actually exist. After that, make the great leap into the void… in some way that I do not yet understand, we can act as transducers. Do headphones understand piezoelectricity?

Chaos in the extreme becomes perfect order. Chaos also has a fractal similarity with scale that enables us to understand the cosmos through generalization of human-scale ideas. Make chaos your god, and try to find the order in it.

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