Encyclopedia Dramatica

Sock puppet – Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Just found this wonderful site yesterday. It’s all about the Internets, “invented by Al Gore and pluralized by George W. Bush”.

It’s also a great place to get tips on making your life interesting and everybody else’s lives miserable. And how to deal with dramatis personae who wish to make all the world their stage.

Like the Drama Whores who hang out with the mentally ill in support groups, manipulating people who actually need support into throwing pity parties for them. Nobody heals if an environment like that gets out of hand.

There are tips on creating Drama, important definitions such as “Mary Sue”- see previous post – and psychological profiles of various Internets Personality Disorders (IPD).

One of the more disturbing IPDs is “species dysmorphia“, a paraphilia in which the sufferer identifies too strongly with the animal cartoon characters from Saturday mornings. You probably know one or two of these. The chubby neighbors with too many plushies in the back window of their car?

Confused? Don’t worry, The Governator will explain it to you.

All-in-all a good laugh. Unless you’re a Mary Sue.

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