Heart of the Beholder

Just found the web page for a new movie, Heart of the Beholder. It’s about a family-owned video store chain that is targeted by a religious cult for offering – supposedly – obscene videos. The story is true.
The main video they objected to was Martin Scorsese’s “The Last Temptation of Christ“, a movie that was attacked by religious fanatics from the first day of filming. As I recall, the author of the original book was excommunicated for writing it.
But the cult also objected to some movies that I thought were pretty innocuous. Was there really beastiality in Tom Hanks’ Splash“? I must have accidentally rented the PG version.
I don’t need anyone to tell me what movies I can and can’t see, much less someone from a completely different culture.

It’s rare that the powerless can beat the odds, but this film is Rocky versus the Religious Right, and the fight isn’t over till it’s over.

Sounds like a must-see.
Update: The movie played in St. Louis last month. Attendees included old Video Library employees and some of the folks involved in the original boycott. It seems that some of them have seen the error in their hurtful actions against the Tiptons.

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