Are Animals Patentable?

34. lae Apr 25 1988, 4:03 pm
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Date: 25 Apr 88 20:03:56 GMT
Local: Mon, Apr 25 1988 4:03 pm
Subject: Re: Are Animals Patentable?

in article <1…@qiclab.UUCP> leon…@qiclab.UUCP (Leonard Erickson) writes:

[It will be found] that there are some “humans” who don’t fit the definition … unless the definition is such that some creatures considered “non-human” now will be “human” under it. Both outcomes will cause great outcry. … (… I’;d be surprised if it happened in 5 years, and even more surprised if it *didn’t* happen in 25!)

I believe that the answer is to treat all animals as humans and to provide vocational rehab for those who have trouble functioning in human society.


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